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After the powerful sports anthem "Heart Of A Lion" featuring Caylana and his solo debut single "All In My Head" the singer, producer and songwriter Not Profane now shows his emotional side on his beautiful ballad "It Will Be Given To You" which heralds the next step for the top music-youtuber.

The blond surfer-like looking Not Profane is multi-talented. In addition to his vocal skills and writing his own songs, he also works as a producer and songwriter for other artists. Not Profane has collaborated with the creative minds behind acts like Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg and Ashley Tisdale. Moreover, he has charted in the Top 40 in several countries, including for his work with the Dutch teen star Jeronimo on his single "Somebody Who Loves Me".

"Youtube is a bully pulpit to draw attention and showcase yourself and I don't know anyone else in the music industry who really does everything on his own. Everything, from the first lyric lines to the last video picture, Im creating myself. (For me) that's true art," says Not Profane grinning.

Some may find it hard to believe that he shoots, cuts and produces all the music videos on his Youtube channel on his own. He now has over 50 videos online, and even without the help of major labels or big budgets; he has over 4.5 million views! Among those are cover versions of stars like Bruno Mars, David Guetta and Jason Derulo as well as self-produced original singles and tracks, including songs with Ahmir and Bosnia's #1 pop export Caylana. All songs are ultimately released digitally via his own label going by the name “No Parade”, which he founded in 2012.

"I am well aware that being a one-man show in this industry is the road less travelled, but being able to overcome these obstacles on my own will only make me stronger and make me continue the pursuit of my dreams.
Having said that, I am convinced one should never stop believing in the talents god has provided one with and should always give 110%. Inspiring people and winning them over with something you love doing is an incredible accomplishment and provides an unbelievable level of satisfaction that is hard to describe and recreate with anything else. In my opinion, it is all about being able to reach people’s hearts with music. So I really admire the work of Swedish songwriters like Max Martin and Dr. Luke."

Starting at a young age Not Profane spent his days on tennis courts all over the world. The Karlsruhe-born producer, songwriter and singer always wanted to become a professional tennis player. Not until quite late at seventeen actually, he discovered his passion for music, inspired by a visit to a "Britney Spears" concert.

"The moment I saw the crowd singing along from the bottom of their hearts, I knew for sure this is what I want to do."

This was when he replaced his tennis racket, which can still be spotted in many of his videos, either leaning against a keyboard or a computer, with music. Had it not been for his sister and mother wanting to take music lessons and leaving a keyboard (instrument) at home at his display, he might have never discovered his love for music. Having no prior experience or knowledge in sheet music, he started composing songs on this seemingly simple instrument, solely based on hearing and “feeling” the sounds.

"Thank God," all has happened as it should. This is how his artist name "Not Profane" came about. When you take a closer look at his logo you might even discover a small cross, a symbolism of his faith. This is an indication that he doesn't see a need to hide his faith in Jesus, much more, he is proud and uses it as inspiration for himself and hopefully for others.
He also encountered faith, miracles and angels while being in Cologne when he did the preproduction of the single "Life Is A Miracle" of one of the most successful German girl bands called "No Angels".

During the current stage of his life he spends day and night at his studio, producing and pursuing his dream, while sleepless nights go past him, only one goal in sight – “making it” in this so competitive industry that has grown to be his love since age seventeen. He produces and manages the Bosnian artist “Caylana” and now dared to take a new step, determined to impress the world of pop, by singing his first original song “All In My Head”.

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